How We Started

I visited a small candle carving shop in Treasure Island, Florida. I was fascinated by the carving and always thought I would try my hand at that. My husband bought me a wax melt kit for my birthday in 2013 and I started making melts in moulds. After that went well I started my my own wax and different containers like jars and tins. I used soy wax to start with but found it was hard to get a good scent throw. I changed to paraffin wax have found this is much better for the scent throw. I started out with handmade labels on twine and was using small jars with screw top lids. I am much happier with the look of the candles we have now.

I feel I need to give a special thank you here to my friends and family who always supported me from the start and have tested out quite a few creations! I remember taking a box of candles down to the ladies kickboxing classes and thinking oh maybe no one will like them!