Hi, I'm Lara. I'm the owner and chief candle maker at Greens Candle Co. I first started out by making wax melts in a kit my husband bought me for Christmas. I enjoyed making these and did some more research about container candles and the equipment I would need to make these. I decided to order some jars and a cinnamon scent to try as it was near Christmas time. After a few test jars, and lots of wick changes (and mess!) I managed to make my first candle jars. I wrapped these and gave them to friends as presents for birthdays and Christmas. My friends gave me some lovely feedback and asked for more scents and colours. At this point I decided to give it a try and started making assorted sizes and scents.


After making more sales to friends and family and being asked about more products and scents I decided to set up an Etsy shop and Facebook page advertising my candles. Two years on I have a good range of products and will continue to produce more scents by listening to my customers feedback and following my thorough testing process.

I am always happy to answer any questions about my candles and really enjoy talking to my customers at the local stalls I attend. Please contact me on or feel free to message me through my Facebook page GreensCandleCo

Caring For You Candle

The first time you light your candle, allow it to burn until the wax is melted all the way to the edge of the container. This can take up to 4 hours for our candles! Extinguishing before this will result in the candle continuing to burn down creating a tunnel. Following this procedure will mean that the candle will burn down evenly – giving maximum fragrance, longer burn time, and a more uniform look

Always place you candles on a flat, even surface away from any drafts. You can place the candle in the lid provided as it makes a great Candle Coaster. If you are burning multiple candles, do leave at least 10cm distance between them. When you are not burning the candle, put the lid back on top as the will stop any dust settling on the wax. Store the candle away from directly sunlight otherwise it could result in discolouration of the wax (or even melt it)


Keep the wick trimmed to between 3-5mm before re-lighting to avoid smoking and ensure the candles gives maximum burn time. If your candle flickers, smokes, or the flame looks too big, extinguish and allow to cool. Trim the wick and relight

After extinguishing your candle, always allow at least 2 hours before relighting. This will insure the candle continues to burn properly and you get the maximum burn time

Contact Information

Greens Candle Co

Chris & Lara

Congleton Cheshire

07923 603 116

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Here are Greens, we make every effort to ensure postage & packing charges are fair and reasonable. All our postage charges will be based on weight and we use Royal Mail for packages up to 2kg (roughly 3 candles or 3 reed diffusers). Anything over 2kg will be sent by DPD.

Once you have ordered your goods we will send you an email when your order has been posted. We focus on very fast processing and aim to dispatch orders within 1 working day. Occasionally, during very busy times, we may take a little longer but will always keep you informed. Most items are delivered from stock however, a very few items may be subject to longer delivery times but we will let you know. Delivery should be within 1-5 days of dispatch.

Our daily cut-off order time is 1pm, orders received before this time should be dispatched the same day. We may process orders received after this but, cannot guarantee to do so.

If you are not available to accept delivery at home during normal working hours, we suggest that you request that the goods be delivered to a work address rather than your home address.

  • Free Delivery
    Residents of Congleton Only
    Delivery Arranged with You
    Delivery time to suit you
    Available at Checkout
  • Royal Mail 2nd Class
    3 day delivery from Posting
    Up to 2kg in Weight
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  • Royal Mail First Class
    1 day delivery after posting
    Up to 1kg in Weight
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  • Royal Mail First Class
    1 day delivery after posting
    1kg to 2kg in Weight
    Requires a Signature
    Full Tracking
  • DPD
    1 to 2 business days delivery
    Up to 10kg in weight
    Requires a Signature
    Full Tracking